Skincare: good, expensive, necessary

Ah, skincare. The necessary evil of life, am I right? If you are like me and have suffered from acne, redness, dryness, oily skin, or more, you feel me. These  are not easy to to have when the entire world is telling you you would just look so much better without [fill in blank here]. There is no one-size-fits-all model to help when it comes to your skin.  It has taken me ten years to find the perfect routine and products that work well and leave me feeling happy with my skin.  With that said, I am going to share with you what I use and my routine in hopes that it might help you in your quest for the perfect skin. (Side note: my personal goal is to never need foundation or concealer, even under my eyes!)

To combat Acne:

I have been a long time sufferer with Acne.  From the time I started puberty to today. After high school I went right from adolescent acne to adult acne in zero seconds flat. I take a birth control (TriNessa) mostly for my chronic serious menstrual issues, but an added bonus to this one is it helps with cystic acne.  Now, even with the assistance of the pill, my acne was still quite prolific.

The first brand and products I used to help was Murad. For a few years this worked really well helping to keep my skin looking good. However, after a few years, it stopped working and made my skin red and rash-y.  Just because this happened for me does not mean it will happen to you.  It is a little more cost effective than the brand I went with next, and for some if the perfect amount of support that is needed!


Next I turned to Dermalogica. The Metabolic series is what I use now.  I have never been so happy in all my life.  When I do get a pimple (usually one or two around that time of the month, thanks Aunt Flow), it is not obvious as there is no red accompany the pimple, it goes away quickly, and is usually not painful if I need to squeeze it and get it over with. I swear by this product 100%.



My dermatologist has informed me that my skin is starting to show the signs of too many years in the sun (thanks Phoenix, AZ!) and the best and only way to fight it is to apply sunscreen daily.  You would think living in New York City where the sun is hardly on my skin would not be an issue.  It still is.  He recommended Neutrogena Healthy Defense, SPF 50. I have been very happy with it. No break outs or side effects of the sunscreen except happy skin!





Acne treatment face products are only the beginning.  Now we get into the territory where I scream and holler at the gender disparity in our products.  I have figured out for me that though it might seem counter intuitive, moisturizing is absolutely necessary!  And each freaking product is $50 a pop!  Want to cry.

In the winter I use Josie Maran Argon Oil, a few drops, every day.  The dry air caused by heating and the weather used to ravage my skin.  This has been a miracle worker on my skin. However, in the summer, with the humidity, it is too much and makes me look like I am constantly sweating.





I decided this summer to try a new moisturizer, and I am equal parts ecstatic I did, and sobbing as well.   is an amazing product.  It is light and perfect for the summer, cool when you put it on, and it is no lie the rose in it helps with any red patches. They disappear after you put it on. However, at $70 a pop, I need to be a billionaire to afford it.  So far, after two months, I’ve not used even half of the container, so you might say it is worth it in the long run, but I might not be able to afford this baby again until next summer!



For the night time I use Origins Night-a-mins.  Origins is an excellent brand and I have loved everything of theirs that I have tried. This baby keeps my skin super happy all night long.







AND, if you want to get into the Charcoal Mask trend without ripping off all the hair on your face (I mean those videos are cringe worthy) look no further than the Origins Acne Charcoal Mask to clear pores. This little baby is great and in the summer helps keep the oily skin at bay.







I know, I know.  Everyone says this and the thought of peeing every hour is terrible.  However, making sure to stay away from a lot of sugar and caffeinated beverages is great for the skin.  I drink a lot of water to make sure that I can flush out anything that might be bad for my skin.  Plus if I don’t I get terribly groggy and a foggy head.  So water it is!

That is my skin care routine.  Let me know in the comments what works best for you or if you try any of these and like them.  Until next time!

(also, maybe if we women all ban together and demand better prices we can you know, afford great products?! still makes me so mad.)