Commes des Garcon; avante garde fashion

Commes des Garcon

I LOVED this top row. ‘Unfinished’ garments that I would straight up wear.

Commes des garcon

The architecture they created to display the show was just ineradicable.

Forgive me for not posting sooner on the MET’s Spring Costume Institute’s exhibit, Rei Kawakubo/ Commes des Garcon: Art of the In-Between. This show is smaller than last years, but in my opinion, exceedingly more impressive. The layout and architecture that the curator used to display the show was a work of art itself. The Architecture creating two stories and abstract shapes  made this show almost be sensory overload, but in the best way possible.  Seems like a contradiction right?  Well, Rei Kawakubo is not here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and neither is this show. Her brand, Commes des Garcon translates to “Some of the Boys.”  She is a Japanese artist who was not interested in keeping with tradition.  She turns traditional ideas on their head. Take the journey through the show though photos below.

Comme des Garcon, dealth dress

There are little black dresses sewn into this dress. Creepy as hell.

Commes Des Garcon

The cut and style here was so dreamy and a little creepy.

Comme des Garcon

This front dress, I’d wear it.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Birth/Marriage/Death section.  The Victorian era cut and look speaks to my romantic soul.







Commes Des Garcon

The tailoring on these jackets reminded me of Alexander McQueen. Just loved these sleeves!

The suites were amazing.  I loved the tailoring.  This grey one does not seem to be very practical, but that was a trend I could tell though the entire show.  She does not care if the garment is practical or adheres to some fashion ‘standard.’ She just creates what she likes.





Commes des Garcon

Red tartan completely made me think Alexander McQueen.

Commes des Garcon

The sleeves. I’m in love with the one on the right behind the grey.

The rest of the show really got into abstract creations.  It was a wild ride into the art of “I really am creating art and not functional fashion.”  And I liked it.



Commes des Garcon

I could see how this influenced other styles. I liked the cage-like black ribbon detailing.

If you are looking for avant garde fashion,

Commes des Garcon

This was crazy! Looked like baby bottoms sewn onto an outfit.

there really is no one better than Rei Kawakubo.  I felt like this was an art show that happened to be clothing.  Truly an interesting and fun exploration into what is fashion, what is art, and is there really a difference? Perhaps not.





I really loves these colors and feudal Japanese influences.

Commes des Garcon

At first glance these seems normal, and then you see there are random bumps and lumps where they would not normally be.









Commes des Garcon

I would wear some of this in the heart of winter in New York.

Commes des Garcon

The head pieces here reminded me of Tim Burton.