Making a Museum fun: laugh, joke, & hashtag

It has been too long since I have written about art. A trip to the museum can be an excellent source for inspiration. Last Saturday night instead of taking myself out for dinner and a movie I opted to book a tour with Museum Hack. I picked the VIP tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Museum Hack is a company dedicated to making museums fun.  MH are not interested in you silently walking around a museum listening to a docent talk.  They are committed to making sure you can enjoy, laugh, and drop an F-bomb if you want to. I went into the tour hoping to experience the museum with fresh perspective. I was not disappointed.

Hot Cocoa Mayan Mug

Hot Cocoa Mayan Mug. Fart Jokes making us laugh since the dawn of mankind. Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection.

My tour guides were Matt and Jen. They were funny, engaging, and made sure to include each participant in their witty banter.

One of the highlights of the tour was when Matt and Jen lead us through the Mayan collection. We paused at what looked like a vase with images and ancient Mayan text [to the left]. Jen informed us that this was not a vase but a cup for hot cocoa. At about twelve inches high that’s enough hot cocoa to last through a NYC blizzard, right? Maybe that’s just me. According to the curator of this wing the text on the cup is a fart joke.  That’s right.  I learned that farting has been hilarious since the dawn of human civilization. Who knew that a culture known for killing people to appease the Gods had such an excellent sense of humor? I sure didn’t.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware. MET Museum Collection.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware. “Why is Meryl Streep there?”-Matt

Another highlight was in the American Wing. We  got to think of Intsa worthy hash tags and admire “George Washington Crossing the Delaware” [to the right]. I had no idea this painting was in the MET.  I also had no idea it was so huge!  Fun Fact: In the late 1800’s when this painting was created, American’s didn’t care a lick how factually inaccurate the painting was, they only cared about the possible insinuation that GW had tiny balls.

Around this point in the tour we learned that the guards do not like it when you have fun and quickly “shhh” you if you laugh too loudly.  This spoke volumes to how much fun we were having (pun intended).

I don’t want to spoil everything I got to see in case you decided to take this tour yourself.  However, here are some more objects I enjoyed seeing while there:

Lilith Scuplture by Kiki Smith. MET Museum Collection.

Kiki Smith. Lilith, 1994. Bronze with glass eyes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

This sculpture is hanging on a wall.  The artist, Kiki Smith, who I LOVE, does her best at creeping you the F out with these glass eyes in a bronze sculpture making them seem real.  As a fan of horror, I love it. Nightmare fuel art should be a new classification don’t you think?






Creepy Girl Painting. MET Museum Collection.

I was unable to snap a photo of the plaque to tell me whom this is by. Oil on Canvas.

This young lady has quite a stunning outfit, but as an artist I can only see how off the proportions are.  As Jen said, American artists weren’t really good at painting until a few hundred years after this was created. Painting is hard.








Bamboo Tornado. MET Museum Collection.

Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. The Gate. Bamboo.

The Japaneses wing has a collection of art pieces made of bamboo.  The versatility of bamboo is astounding. Did you know there are 600 different varieties and that it is classified as a grass?! These are Jeopardy facts that I am happy to have in my back pocket now.  Bamboo facts for $600 please!

This sculpture is floor to ceiling, impressive, and stunning. If you want to see a time lapse of this being build you can see it here.






Pixell Deer. MET Museum Collection.

Kohei Nawa. PixCell Deer 24. Mixed media; taxidermied deer with artificial crystal glass. 2011

It is really nice to see more contemporary and modern art making its way into the MET. This sculpture was beautiful and reminded me of Christmas and snow. Until Jen let us know what was under the glass.  Not Christmas-y at all.






MET Museum Collection Rodin Sculpture Hall

We got to pose like the statues. This turns into a surprise. I LOVE surprises!

In three hours we covered almost the entire permanent collection of the MET. We posed as some Rodin statues, had a competition (prizes were awarded), and never once did I get bored. If you want something fun and different, book a tour, bring some water, and wear some comfortable walking shoes. Museum Hack offers specialized tours focusing on themes like Game of Thrones and Baddass Bitches (this one sells out quick so book soon!) as well as the VIP tour at the MET. Additionally they offer a tour of the American History Museum. Visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. or Chicago? You can book tours there as well. I always say, art is meant to be seen in person so see some art and get inspired!

Make sure to comment below on some of your favorite museums or tours you have been on.

You have a date, now what do you wear?!

Confession: It has been over two years since I have been on a date.  This mostly happened because after being so sick and tired of dating apps, I decided to try real life and try and make a connection there.  That didn’t happen.  Three months ago I activated not one, not two, but THREE dating apps and decided this was my time to break some relationship karma once and for all.

Flash forward to today after many failed attempts at meeting someone face-to-face, I had a date all lined up.  Now, I normally am not a nervous person.  However this time, I had the full on jitters about everything from how fat I felt or think I look to if my skin would behave in this muggy weather to what my hair will do if I try and style it.  I had to really take a minute and calm myself down. One of the ways I did this was think about what to wear.  Which also got me thinking, what are the parameters I should consider for date night clothing, especially for date number one? This is what I cam up with:

  1. Comfort!  Whatever it is you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable!  There is nothing worse than constantly having to adjust your clothing or feel self conscious about what you are wearing when you are trying to get to know someone.
  2. Be you!  Sometimes the desire is to make a really great impression and wear something you might not normally wear.  My general thinking though is that you should make sure you stay true to your own personal style and look and not try and be someone else.
  3. Dress for the environment, please! when thinking about what to wear, you have to take into account where you will be going and what the temperature will be like.  I’m most comfortable in a sweater and jeans but with 99 degree weather and enough humidity I can swim through the air, that might not be a great choice.  Same if the date consists of a lot of walking, 6″ heals might not be that wise (unless you can do it and in that case, I bow down to you!)
  4. Have fun with it! No matter what, at the end of the day, this is really for you and not the other person.  Chances are they could care less what you wear as long as you show up and a nice person who treats them with respect.
Gap Dress with Nine West shoes

My Outfit of the Day Today

So, after taking all of this into consideration, this is the outfit I choose.  I really like this Gap dress in the summer.  It is light and makes me feel cute.  The pop of yellow from these Nine West shoes is so me!  I love yellow shoes more than any other color there is. The belt and accessories just add some fashion flair which I personally like to do, but just the outfit would be fine as well.  After I picked this out last night I was excited to look cute all day and night.  Good thing to, because my date got cancelled at 10am.  <Cue sad music> However, I was not that upset because I felt that I already was putting my best foot forward for the day and was going to look damn good no matter what!