Sweaters for cold Weather!

Winter is  here and that means sweaters and jackets!  Here are some things I am dying to get this season.


I am obsessed with blazers I realize.  I also love party/holiday ones! This sequined tux jacket one from Antropologie that comes in XS-XL is so much fun.  When it comes to Holiday parties, New Years Eve parties, I am all about the sequins. Normally, I hate them, but something about this time of year makes me feel bold and daring!







I have always wanted a faux fur vest. However, every year I talk myself out of it because I don’t know if I’m ready to be this daring yet.  But, this pink vest just might do it.  Gap offers this from size XXS-XXL.







This season I am seeing so much velvet. I am not sad. I love the soft, lush, and regal look of velvet.  The Gap has this jacket in size XS-XL.







This is by far the most unique and crazy fringed poncho I’ve ever seen.  It comes in cream and navy from the Gap. One size fits all.








This sweater from Free People comes in 7 colors, and I already own 3!  I want the rest.  It is so comfortable and the L fits me! I am an XL or XXL in Gap, so this to me is amazing and also makes me feel for thin!


Holiday Party Time!

It is that time of year when everyone gets to dress up and attend holiday parties! I personally love being able to get dressed up and enjoy festivities with friends, family, or co-workers.

If you are like me and have multiple parties to attend, thinking you need to buy an outfit for each one can be daunting.  Last year I got a white Tux Blazer from H&M and used it twice!  Once for a holiday party at work and once for Christmas itself!



I had already owned the other elements to the outfits.

Also, you don’t have to feel married to red and green!  Feel free to change it up and wear whatever you wish!


I always tend to go the fancy path.  However, nothing says holidays like sweaters!

16a38113efdcf8e4a3b10f5c5a001846This one from ModCloth is cute, traditional, and comes in sizes S-4X.

cc374ba495b3e65b3c53ca7379dfce26If you actually hate the holidays, and want to subtly show it, this sweater from ModCloth is amazing!  Sizes XS-4X

cn12234690Sometimes a simple sweater, like this Gap snowflake one, is also just as fun. Sizes XS-XL.


Also, for an added bit of fun, you can go non-traditional with your nails and try painting the inside portion as well, like I did here.



Do you have a favorite outfit for your holiday parties?  Comment below and let me know.  Cheers to a great season!


Fall Fashion Means Boots

FALL is here!  This is my absolute favorite season.  The colors of the clothing and the colors of the leaves are a harmonious blend of beautiful crisp air change.  I can start drinking hot tea and getting cozy in sweaters! Also, did I mention boots?  I never liked boots until I moved to New York where boots are a necessity.  Follow me on my wish list for wonderful fall fashion finds below:


H&M: I have a love/hate relationship with this brand.  They make cute clothing,hmprod but never in plus size I feel.  Take this hooded sweater for example.  As a tall girl, the idea of a sweater being able to cover my hand, AMAZING!  But this sucker only goes up to size 12.  BOO! Look how comfy it appears though.  I could snuggle up in this for days. If anyone has an APB on a sweater like this in size 16, you let me know!



16waut_wg675_spk_w01Boden: I am quickly falling in LOVE with this clothing company. Their product is really well made and almost everything goes up to size 18, and TALL! This tweed pink skirt is so bright and modern retro, I’m in love.  It comes in 5 color options.  If you want to look smart, classic, and a bit original, this skirt is for you! Also, if you want to get me one while your at it, I wont say no!  Size 18 Tall please!




cn11046282Old Navy: I am a Gap Co. obsessive, I can’t lie.  These days there is a lot of cross over in the three brands, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic, when it comes to accessories. SO, for that very reason, I’m digging the less expensive but just as cute felt hat from Old Navy.  It comes in tan as well. I feel like I should wear hat’s more often and this style has now worn on me enough to warrant me wanting to sport it!



160182_6_1400x1400Payless: If you follow my Instagram feed it is no surprise I LOVE Payless.  They are a very reasonably priced shoe that goes up to size 12 with cute shoes.  These create a trifecta of wonderful and also painful as I often want enough shoes to break my bank three times over.  This Fall, these cute ankle boots, which are all the rage, come in brown, olive, and black.  AND these go up to size 13.  Holla’ at us big footed mavens!




c9131_pk5651_mJ.Crew: I have a confession to make.  EVERY fall and winter I want to buy every coat J. Crew has!  The cuts, color, styles, everything!  This year they have tweed, velvet, and more.  This vibrant pink jacket I think would go great with my dreamy Boden skirt.  J. crew also goes up to size 16 and has tall options.  ALWAYS a plus in my book. Christmas presents accepted year round.


Do you have any Fall Fashion finds you are excited about? Share them with me in the comments! Happy pumpkin (carving, eating, decorating) everyone.  I’m off to debate grabbing my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season 😉