Winter; What to buy to stay warm

Ah, Winter.  Time for mittens, scarfs, big old boots, hot cocoa and marshmallows. Winter can be hard to dress cute and still remain warm.  Luckily, the fashion world has been paying attention and the cuteness abounds!

Snow Boots:

157006_6_1400x1400If you live someplace that snows, you know snow shoes are essential.  SOREL is my absolute favorite, but they can be so expensive!  Fortunately Payless has an excellent option! These come in black, red, and white. Warm feet in the snow is really the key I think to happy thoughts.


Warm Jackets:

3592423_fpx-tifOnce again, snow can destroy your cute ensemble.  Big puffy jackets can tend to make us all look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  This is why I like to make sure to get a warm puff jacket that cinches at the waist like this Micheal Kors jacket from Macy’s. A nice winter jacket is one place where you can justify investing in a good coat.  A good puff jacket can last you a decade! Now, weather or not it is $500 like this J.Crew Jacket, or $80 for this Old Navy jacket, make sure that when you try it on you love it, can still move in it, and that none of the stuffing is poking you! And if you want to make sure your coat is animal friendly, here is a great list of jackets to get!

Fleece Lined Leggings:

50988558I never thought I could ever wear skirts and dressed in the winter without freezing.  That is until I discovered fleece lined leggings! I can wear tights, these leggings, and some socks under my boots and I am a happy toasty and cute winter wonder woman! These ones are from Target, there are many options from Atheta, Victoria Secret, and you can even get them in plus size from companies like Lane Bryant! Long legged ladies, we still struggle. Fortunately Long Tall Sally has us covered to.


With these items you can basically wear whatever you want underneath and be a happy warm human being.  Then together we can complain in the middle of February that it’s too dang cold. 😉

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